Huoltokatko maanantaina 21.6. klo 12-16
Maintenance break on Monday 21.6 between 12-16

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ID,Name,Finnish,Source,Example,Comment,TereisekaMa ikka ei saa aru,,
UT001,Is there a distinct category of dual for verbal agreement with a dual subject?,0,"Minerva Piha, Mervi de Heer",,,,,
UT002,Is non-agreement in number between the nominal subject and verbal predicate possible?,1,"Minerva Piha, Mervi de Heer",Ne yritt-i yhdistää su-lle, they try-PST.3SG connect-INF you-ALL,they tried to connect you,VISK §1282, RANDOM COMMENT HERE.
UT003,Can finite verbs agree in number with the nominal object?,0,"Minerva Piha, Mervi de Heer",,,,,
UT004,Can an adnominal property word agree with the noun in case?,1,"Minerva Piha, Mervi de Heer",keltaise-ssa kassi-ssa,yellow-INE bag-INE,in a yellow bag,,
UT005,Are there cases that do not show agreement in terms of case?,0,"Minerva Piha, Mervi de Heer",,,,,
UT006,Can adpositions be used to mark core verbal arguments?,0,"Minerva Piha, Mervi de Heer",,,,,
UT007,Can adpositions be used to mark non-core/oblique verbal arguments?,1,"Minerva Piha, Mervi de Heer",Ot-i-n kirja-n pöydä-n päältä,take-PST-1SG book-GEN table-GEN on-ELA,I took the book from the table,,
UT008,Can non-finite clauses entail a special way for a core argument (S/A) marking?,324,"Minerva Piha, Mervi de Heer",Peka-n herät-e-ssä Liisa lähte-e töi-hin,Pekka-GEN wake-INF-INE Liisa go-3SG work-ILL,When Pekka wakes up Liisa goes to work,,
UT009,Can non-finite clauses entail a special way for a core argument (P) marking?,0,"Minerva Piha, Mervi de Heer",,,,,
UT010,"Do characteristics of object referent (topicality, animacy, definiteness) influence object marking?",0,"Minerva Piha, Mervi de Heer",,,,,
lis suomea Anne-Maille,,,,,,,,
Tuulee niin, että tukka lähtee,,,,,,,
kodu on ok,,,,,,,,
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