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......@@ -408,7 +408,7 @@ can also form nephrotoxic substances from originally harmless molecules.</p>
(<sup>99m</sup>Tc-MAG3) or <sup>99m</sup>Tc-DTPA and dynamic CT or SPECT is commonly used for
measurement of <a name="renal_function">renal function</a>. Renal function includes
<a href="#GFR">glomerular filtration</a> and <a href="#tubular">tubular function</a>.
In healthy kidneys, proximal tubules excrete <sup>99m</sup>Tc-MAG3 efficiently.
In healthy kidneys, proximal tubules excrete <sup>99m</sup>Tc-MAG3 efficiently via MRP2 and MRP4.
Initial increase (&sim; 2 min) in renal radioactivity provides an index of renal perfusion and
tubular uptake, and is proportional to GFR; the descending phase is used to assess the tubular
excretion. Fitting of the rising part provides renal <em>output efficiency</em> (<em>OE</em>)
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