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......@@ -238,8 +238,15 @@ However, in baboon studies correlation was poor
cerebellum did not differ between healthy subjects and patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD), and
proposed using <a href="./model_ref_ratio.html">SUV ratio</a> (SUVR) from 60-90 min, with
cerebellum as pseudo-reference region.
<a href="">Nair et al (2016)</a> reported that the best
test-retest variability in AD study was obtained when using whole brain as the pseudo-reference.
Whole brain has been used as reference to calculate SUVR maps from data range 60-90 min in several
brain studies
(<a href="">Loggia et al., 2015</a>;
<a href="">Zürcher et al., 2015</a>;
<a href="">Albrecht et al., 2021</a>).
<a href="">Albrecht et al (2018)</a> proposed using
occipital cortex as pseudo-reference region in patients with chronic low back pain or ALS,
and used it also in PET studies of fibromyalgia patients
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