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title: Analysis of [C-11]PBR28
author: Vesa Oikonen, Jouni Tuisku
updated_at: 2021-04-19
updated_at: 2021-04-23
created_at: 2015-08-03
- Inflammation
......@@ -178,7 +178,8 @@ Therefore V<sub>T</sub> has been divided by the measured free fraction of tracer
(<a href="">Oh et al. 2011</a>;
<a href="">Hannestad et al, 2013</a>;
<a href="">Gershen et al, 2015</a>;
<a href="">Lyoo et al, 2015</a>).
<a href="">Lyoo et al, 2015</a>;
<a href="">Richards et al., 2018</a>).
However it has been estimated that the measurement error and noise from f<sub>p</sub> may even
increase the variability in "corrected" V<sub>T</sub>
(<a href="">Park et al, 2015</a>;
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