Huoltokatko maanantaina 21.6. klo 12-16
Maintenance break on Monday 21.6 between 12-16

Commit 93c84c84 authored by Timo Rantanen's avatar Timo Rantanen
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ID,Name,Finnish,Source,Example,Comment,TereisekaMa ikka ei saa aru,,
ID,Name,Finnish,Source,Example,Comment,TereisekaMa ikka ei saa aru,,
UT001,Is there a distinct category of dual for verbal agreement with a dual subject?,0,"Minerva Piha, Mervi de Heer",,,,,
UT002,Is non-agreement in number between the nominal subject and verbal predicate possible?,1,"Minerva Piha, Mervi de Heer",Ne yritt-i yhdistää su-lle, they try-PST.3SG connect-INF you-ALL,they tried to connect you,VISK §1282, RANDOM COMMENT HERE.
UT003,Can finite verbs agree in number with the nominal object?,0,"Minerva Piha, Mervi de Heer",,,,,
......@@ -13,3 +13,6 @@ lis suomea Anne-Maille,,,,,,,,
Tuulee niin, että tukka lähtee,,,,,,,
kuhu see l�heb,,,,,,,,
kodu on ok,,,,,,,,
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