Commit 1275dd72 authored by Alan Modra's avatar Alan Modra
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[GOLD] alignment test

PowerPC gcc aligns char arrays to a word which results in the test
failing since it expects a char alignment.  As the test already uses
gcc attributes to assign variables to sections, we may as well use an
attribute to align too.

	* testsuite/plugin_layout_with_alignment.c: Explicitly align all
parent 38ac44ac
2016-06-29 Alan Modra <>
* testsuite/plugin_layout_with_alignment.c: Explicitly align all
2016-06-29 Alan Modra <>
* testsuite/ (copy_test_protected): Disable for powerpc.
......@@ -26,44 +26,44 @@
// --- Initialized .rodata items
__attribute__ ((section(".rodata.v1_a2")))
__attribute__ ((section(".rodata.v1_a2"), aligned(2)))
const short rodata_item1 = 101;
__attribute__ ((section(".rodata.v2_a1")))
__attribute__ ((section(".rodata.v2_a1"), aligned(1)))
const char rodata_item2 = 'a';
__attribute__ ((section(".rodata.v3_a8")))
__attribute__ ((section(".rodata.v3_a8"), aligned(8)))
const double rodata_item3 = 777.777;
__attribute__ ((section(".rodata.v4_a1")))
__attribute__ ((section(".rodata.v4_a1"), aligned(1)))
const char rodata_item4[7] = {'1', '2', '3', '4', '5', '6', '7'};
// --- Initialized .data items
__attribute__ ((section(".data.v1_a2")))
__attribute__ ((section(".data.v1_a2"), aligned(2)))
short rwdata_item1 = 101;
__attribute__ ((section(".data.v2_a1")))
__attribute__ ((section(".data.v2_a1"), aligned(1)))
char rwdata_item2 = 'a';
__attribute__ ((section(".data.v3_a8")))
__attribute__ ((section(".data.v3_a8"), aligned(8)))
double rwdata_item3 = 'b';
__attribute__ ((section(".data.v4_a1")))
__attribute__ ((section(".data.v4_a1"), aligned(1)))
char rwdata_item4[3] = {'a', 'b', 'c'};
// --- Uninitialized .data items
__attribute__ ((section(".bss.v1_a2")))
__attribute__ ((section(".bss.v1_a2"), aligned(2)))
short bss_item1;
__attribute__ ((section(".bss.v2_a1")))
__attribute__ ((section(".bss.v2_a1"), aligned(1)))
char bss_item2;
__attribute__ ((section(".bss.v3_a8")))
__attribute__ ((section(".bss.v3_a8"), aligned(8)))
struct blah { union { double d; char c; } u; } bss_item3;
__attribute__ ((section(".bss.v4_a1")))
__attribute__ ((section(".bss.v4_a1"), aligned(1)))
char bss_item4[3];
int main (void)
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