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PATE binary parser added (c) Petri Niemelä.

parent a8ba9a38
#!/usr/bin/env python3
PATE Science File parser
__author__ = "Petri Niemelä"
__credits__ = ["Petri Niemelä"]
import struct
import datetime
from typing import Any, Generator, List, NamedTuple, Optional, Sequence, Tuple, Type, Union
import numpy as np
class PATEParseError(Exception):
""" Exception class for parsing errors """
# Labels of the bins
'prot_p1', 'prot_p2', 'prot_p3', 'prot_p4', 'prot_p5', 'prot_p6', 'prot_p7', 'prot_p8', 'prot_p9', 'prot_p10',
'prot_s1', 'prot_s2',
'trash1', 'trash2', 'trash3',
'elec_p1', 'elec_p2', 'elec_p3', 'elec_p4', 'elec_p5', 'elec_p6', 'elec_p7'
# Numpy datatype for binned and calibration data
science_dtype = np.dtype([(col, np.int32) for col in LABELS])
calibration_dtype = np.dtype([
('d1a', np.int32),
('d1b', np.int32),
('d1c', np.int32),
('d2a', np.int32),
('d2b', np.int32),
('d3', np.int32),
('ac1', np.int32),
('ac2', np.int32),
class HousekeepingPacket(NamedTuple):
""" PATE Housekeeping Pate """
bias_1: float # [V]
bias_2: float # [V]
bias_3: float # [V]
bias_4: float # [V]
bias_current: float # [µA]
mag_long_tube: float # [µT]
mag_short_tube: float # [µT]
reference_2v5: int
batt_voltage: float # [V]
batt_current: float # [mA]
current_1v5: float # [mA]
current_1v8: float # [mA]
current_3v3: float # [mA]
current_2v5: float # [mA]
current_n2v5: float # [mA]
temperature: float # [°C]
voltage_n2v5: float # [V]
voltage_2v5: float # [V]
voltage_3v3: float # [V]
voltage_1v8: float # [V]
voltage_1v5: float # [V]
timestamp: float
def parse(cls, data: bytes) -> 'HousekeepingPacket':
raw = struct.unpack(">32H", data)
return cls(
bias_1=raw[0] * 2.5 / raw[7],
bias_2=raw[1] * 2.5 / raw[7],
bias_3=34.3 * raw[2] * 2.5 / raw[7],
bias_4=34.3 * raw[3] * 2.5 / raw[7],
bias_current=2500 * raw[4] * 2.5 / raw[7],
mag_long_tube=0.07 * (raw[5] - 2048),
mag_short_tube=0.07 * (raw[6] - 2048),
batt_voltage=0.00242 * raw[17],
batt_current=0.517 * raw[9] + 4.4,
current_1v5=0.547 * raw[10],
current_1v8=0.547 * raw[11],
current_3v3=0.547 * raw[12],
current_2v5=0.547 * raw[13],
current_n2v5=-0.273 * raw[14],
temperature=-0.0932 * raw[15] + 158.03,
# NC = raw[16],
# NC = raw[17],
voltage_n2v5=-0.0011 * raw[18],
voltage_2v5=0.0011 * raw[19],
voltage_3v3=0.0011 * raw[20],
voltage_1v8=0.0011 * raw[21],
voltage_1v5=0.0011 * raw[22],
# NC = raw[23],
timestamp=((raw[24] << 16) | raw[25]) + raw[27] / 1000,
# Mag_rot_tube = raw[28],
# Mag_sun_tube = raw[29],
# Scrubbing data = raw[30],
# NA = raw[31],
class SciencePacket(NamedTuple):
""" PATE Science Packet (0x41-0x52) """
segment: int
bins: np.array
def parse(cls, segment: int, data: bytes) -> 'SciencePacket':
raw = np.array([int.from_bytes(data[i:i + 3], 'big') for i in range(0, len(data), 3)])
raw = raw.reshape(-1, 24)
return cls(segment, raw)
class CalibrationPacket(NamedTuple):
""" PATE Calibration Packet (scope) (0x82) """
segment: int
channels: np.array
def parse(cls, segment: int, data: bytes) -> 'CalibrationPacket':
bits = "".join([f"{val:08b}"[::-1] for val in data])
raw = np.array([int(bits[i:i + 14][::-1], 2) for i in range(0, len(bits), 14)], dtype=np.int32)
channels = raw.reshape(-1, 8)
return cls(segment, channels)
class ConfigurationEntry(NamedTuple):
""" PATE Configuration Entry (0xF0) """
bias_sun_low: int
bias_sun_high: int
bias_rot_low: int
bias_rot_high: int
pc3_pin_e_high: int
pc3_pin_p_low: int
pc3_pin_p_high: int
pc4_pin_e_high: int
pc5_pin_e_low: int
pc5_pin_e_high: int
pc5_pin_p_low: int
pc5_pin_p_mid: int
pc5_pin_p_high: int
sun_gain_d1a: int
sun_gain_d1b: int
sun_gain_d1c: int
sun_gain_d2a: int
sun_gain_d2b: int
sun_gain_d3: int
rot_gain_d1a: int
rot_gain_d1b: int
rot_gain_d1c: int
rot_gain_d2a: int
rot_gain_d2b: int
rot_gain_d3: int
sun_pin_mult: int
sun_pcn_e_low: int
sun_pcn_e_high: int
sun_pcn_p1_low: int
sun_pcn_p1_high: int
sun_pcn_p2_low: int
sun_pcn_p2_high: int
rot_pin_mult: int
rot_pcn_e_low: int
rot_pcn_e_high: int
rot_pcn_p1_low: int
rot_pcn_p1_high: int
rot_pcn_p2_low: int
rot_pcn_p2_high: int
sun_threshold_d1a: int
sun_threshold_d1b: int
sun_threshold_d1c: int
sun_threshold_d2a: int
sun_threshold_d2b: int
sun_threshold_d3: int
sun_threshold_ac1: int
sun_threshold_ac2: int
rot_threshold_d1a: int
rot_threshold_d1b: int
rot_threshold_d1c: int
rot_threshold_d2a: int
rot_threshold_d2b: int
rot_threshold_d3: int
rot_threshold_ac1: int
rot_threshold_ac2: int
sector_count: int
sector_duration: int
def parse(cls, data) -> 'ConfigurationEntry':
cfg = struct.unpack(">57I", data)
return cls(*cfg)
class CalibrationConfigurationEntry(NamedTuple):
""" PATE Calibration Run configuration (0xF1) """
mode: int
preroll: int
length: int
def parse(cls, data: bytes) -> 'CalibrationConfigurationEntry':
parsed = struct.unpack(">3H", data)
return cls(parsed[0], parsed[1], parsed[2])
class AttitudeEntry(NamedTuple):
""" Satellite Attitude Entry (0xF2) """
timestamp: float
# Quaternion in ECI
q: Tuple[float, float, float, float]
# Angular rate
w: Tuple[float, float, float]
def parse(cls, data: bytes) -> 'AttitudeEntry':
parsed = struct.unpack(">IH4d3d", data)
return AttitudeEntry(
timestamp=parsed[0] + parsed[1] / 1000,
class SpinRateEntry(NamedTuple):
""" Satellite spin rate update entry (0xF3) """
spin_rate: float
def parse(cls, data: bytes) -> 'SpinRateEntry':
parsed = struct.unpack(">d", data)
return cls(spin_rate=parsed[0])
class MagnetometerEntry(NamedTuple):
""" Satellite's ADCS magnetometer Entry (0xF4) """
timestamp: float
field: Tuple[float, float, float]
def parse(cls, data: bytes) -> 'MagnetometerEntry':
parsed = struct.unpack(">IH3d", data)
return cls(
timestamp=parsed[0] + parsed[1] / 1000,
class TimeUpdateEntry(NamedTuple):
""" Pate Time Update Entry (0xF5) """
old: float
new: float
def parse(cls, data: bytes) -> 'TimeUpdateEntry':
parsed = struct.unpack(">IHIH", data)
return cls(
old=parsed[0] + parsed[1] / 1000,
new=parsed[2] + parsed[3] / 1000,
def parse_timestamp(timestamp: int) -> datetime.datetime:
""" Convert Unix timesamp to datetime object """
return datetime.datetime.utcfromtimestamp(timestamp).replace(tzinfo=datetime.timezone.utc)
def read_chunks(filepath: str) -> Generator[Tuple[int, bytes], None, None]:
""" Read binary chunks from the file. """
with open(filepath, "rb") as f:
while True:
# Read header
header =
if len(header) == 0: # File ended?
if len(header) != 2:
raise PATEParseError("Failed to read header! Unexpected end of file.")
# Parse header
data_len, cmd = struct.unpack("BB", header)
# Read data
data =
if len(data) != data_len:
raise PATEParseError("Failed to read data! Unexpected end of file.")
yield cmd, data
PacketTypes = Union[HousekeepingPacket, SciencePacket, CalibrationPacket, ConfigurationEntry, \
CalibrationConfigurationEntry, AttitudeEntry, SpinRateEntry, MagnetometerEntry, TimeUpdateEntry]
PacketTypeTypes = Union[Type[HousekeepingPacket], Type[SciencePacket], Type[CalibrationPacket], Type[ConfigurationEntry], \
Type[CalibrationConfigurationEntry], Type[AttitudeEntry], Type[SpinRateEntry], Type[MagnetometerEntry], Type[TimeUpdateEntry]]
def read_parsed(filepath: str, types: Optional[Sequence[PacketTypeTypes]] = None) -> Generator[PacketTypes, None, None]:
Read parsed data from the file.
filepath: Filepath to file to be read.
types: A list or tuple of wanted Packet types. If None all types are returned.
A generator object which yields different PATE packet types.
def wanted(packet_type: PacketTypeTypes) -> bool:
return (types is None) or (packet_type in types)
for cmd, data in read_chunks(filepath):
if cmd == 0x31:
if wanted(HousekeepingPacket):
yield HousekeepingPacket.parse(data)
elif 0x41 <= cmd <= 0x52:
if wanted(SciencePacket):
yield SciencePacket.parse(cmd - 0x41, data)
elif 0x82 <= cmd <= 0xC2:
if wanted(CalibrationPacket):
yield CalibrationPacket.parse(cmd - 0x82, data)
elif cmd == 0xF0:
if wanted(ConfigurationEntry):
yield ConfigurationEntry.parse(data)
elif cmd == 0xF1:
if wanted(CalibrationConfigurationEntry):
yield CalibrationConfigurationEntry.parse(data)
elif cmd == 0xF2:
if wanted(AttitudeEntry):
yield AttitudeEntry.parse(data)
elif cmd == 0xF3:
if wanted(SpinRateEntry):
yield SpinRateEntry.parse(data)
elif cmd == 0xF4:
if wanted(MagnetometerEntry):
yield MagnetometerEntry.parse(data)
elif cmd == 0xF5:
if wanted(TimeUpdateEntry):
yield TimeUpdateEntry.parse(data)
raise PATEParseError(f"Unknown data type {cmd}")
if __name__ == "__main__":
# import argparse
# parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='PATE Science Parser')
# parser.add_argument('filename', type=str)
# args = parser.parse_args()
# for packet in read_parsed(args.filename):
# print(packet)
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