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title: Analysis of [C-11]-R-PK11195
author: Vesa Oikonen, Jouni Tuisku
updated_at: 2020-02-01
updated_at: 2021-04-21
created_at: 2007-01-29
- Inflammation
......@@ -56,6 +56,7 @@ With another tracer for peripheral benzodiazepine receptor ([<sup>11</sup>C]DAA1
(<a href="">Ikoma et al., 2007</a>), suggesting that
<em>k<sub>3</sub>/k<sub>4</sub></em> should be preferred over <em>V<sub>T</sub></em>.</p>
<h4>Reference tissue input</h4>
<p>Because glial cells are located everywhere in the brain, there is no true
......@@ -91,7 +92,14 @@ tissue model (Gerhard et al., <a href="">2002</
<a href="">Kropholler et al., 2007c</a>;
<a href="">Holmes et al., 2016</a>).
Cerebellar grey matter can be used as reference tissue for quantifying TSPO expression in human
glioma (<a href="">Su et al., 2015</a>).</p>
glioma (<a href="">Su et al., 2015</a>).
<a href="">Jeon et al (2017)</a> used cerebellum as
reference region to calculate <em>DVR</em> maps of the brains of patients with complex regional pain
syndrome, and used an <a href="./model_mtga.html#alternative_logan_ref">alternative form of
reference input Logan plot</a>
(<a href="">Zhou et al., 2009</a>),
which is less sensitive to noise.</p>
<h4>Ratio method with white matter as reference tissue</h4>
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