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title: Mitochondria
author: Vesa Oikonen
updated_at: 2020-01-30
updated_at: 2021-03-26
created_at: 2017-09-20
- Mitochondria
......@@ -229,6 +229,11 @@ inflammatory cells. Generally, <a href="./target_tspo.html">TSPO</a> imaging mig
studying the concentration of viable mitochondria in tissues.</p>
<p><a href="./target_p2-receptors.html#P2X7R">P2X<sub>7</sub> ionotropic purinoceptor</a> is
expressed on cell membranes and also on the outer membrane of mitochondria, with its ATP-binding
site facing the cytosol, where it can participate in regulation of oxidative phosphorylation.</p>
title: P2 purinoceptors
author: Vesa Oikonen
updated_at: 2020-05-02
updated_at: 2021-03-26
created_at: 2016-05-12
- Purinoceptors
......@@ -100,7 +100,12 @@ In the <a href="./organ_brain.html">brain</a>, P2X<sub>7</sub>R levels are highe
and the receptor/ion channel is important in regulation of immune responses, including
the neuroinflammatory cascades that precede and promote many neurodegenerative brain diseases such
as <a href="./dis_pd.html">Parkinson's disease</a> and <a href="./dis_ms.html">MS</a>.
The gene of the P2X<sub>7</sub>R is polymorphic
P2X<sub>7</sub>R is also found on the outer membrane of <a href="./mitochondria.html">mitochondria</a>,
with its ATP-binding site facing the cytosol
(<a href="">Sarti et al., 2021</a>), where it possibly
participates in regulation of oxidative phosphorylation via Complex I.</p>
<p>The gene of the P2X<sub>7</sub>R is polymorphic
(<a href="">Fuller et al., 2009</a>),
including many splice variations and single nucleotide polymorphisms, associated with diseases
including <a href="./dis_ms.html">multiple sclerosis</a>
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