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title: Serotonin
author: Vesa Oikonen
updated_at: 2022-11-23
updated_at: 2022-11-29
created_at: 2016-08-23
- Serotonin
......@@ -135,9 +135,13 @@ serotonergic system and predisposition to depression, anxiety disorders, and alc
<p>Serotonin transporter ligands include
<a href="./analysis_11c-madam.html">[<sup>11</sup>C]MADAM</a>
(<a href="">Lundberg et al., 2005</a>) and
(<a href="">Lundberg et al., 2005</a>),
(<a href="">Ginovart et al., 2001</a>).</p>
(<a href="">Ginovart et al., 2001</a>),
(<a href="">Brust et al., 2003</a>),
and 4-[<sup>18</sup>F]-ADAM
(<a href="">Huang et al., 2013</a>).</p>
<p>&beta;-[<sup>123</sup>I]CIT has similar affinity for SET and DAT, and it has been used to study
SERT in the midbrain where SERT is abundant as compared to DAT.
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