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** Why **
- No need for anyone to invent the wheel again. You can of course do that
if you wish - TeX'll even let you invent many different kinds of wheels
- That said, if you come up with a great new wheel I'd like to hear about
it - it might even end up being used here
** Features **
- Proper page sizes as required by university guide for students:
- proper font sizes as well as linespacings
- proper size of margins
- Generic title page:
- \gentitle
- Generic abstract page(s):
- \begin{itabstract}{Keywords}
abstract text
- \begin{ittiivis}...\end{ittiivis} provides finnish version
- ittiivis defaults to finnish so no need to issue
- total number of pages as well as total number of pages in appendices
are automagically handled
- Entry environment:
- \begin{entry}[widest label]
\item[1st label text] ...
\item[2nd label text] ...
- the actual items are aligned to suit the widest label, which is
given as an argument to the environment
- Use of specific latex packages to ease in formatting the thesis:
- format table of contents to have bibliography shown as references
as well as other fixes (tocbibind)
- enhanced verbatim handling (sverb)
- source code inclusion (listings)
- handling of headers and footers (fancyhdr)
- consultation of the manuals of these packages is strongly
** Assumptions **
- itpackage.sty file is available
- each chapter is as a separate file which is read in with e.g. \input
** Miscellaneous **
- comments are welcome
- should a required package be missing see
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