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document.getElementById("infoOwner").innerHTML = this.getOwner();
document.getElementById("infoDignity").innerHTML = this.dignity;
document.getElementById("infoShares").innerHTML = this.getShares().length;
document.getElementById("infoCoa").style.backgroundImage = 'url(icons/''.png)'
document.getElementById("infoCoa").style.backgroundImage = 'url(monopoly/icons/''.png)'
This game might be built on the idea of monopoly but it is rather different from most variations. Instead of listing everything that is the same as in a traditional monopoly, I'll list key features that make the difference.
##Board of AI##
##Board of AI
The player does not have a presence on board, rather there are four AI who roll dice and move around the traditional monopoly board. But these agents are not just simulations of human players, but an abstraction of the company CEO and their role on board is merely the representation of the company's presence. Each company is led by an entrepreneur whose unique personality attributes influence what moves the company will make onboard, and the entrepreneurs themselves a reputation which will influence the share prices and the ultimate destiny of the company, but are hardly eternal and can be replaced by random event or will do so automatically once their reputation reaches 0%.
There are four pre-made companies with their own logo:
......@@ -18,6 +18,6 @@ Every property square (i.e. non-corner or non-event square) has a property that
Generally, the price of a share increases with reputation and longer tenure, therefore to make a profit, it is advisable to buy shares which are located in properties where the company's CEO is new and/or has a low reputation, for those tend to be below the standard value, and then sell the stocks when the CEO's tenure is long (most CEO's don't make it to 5 years in office, which is 20 turns) and their reputation is high,
You may buy a share by a clicking a square which is owned by a company and clicking the _BUY SHARE_-button, likewise you may sell invidual share buy clicking _SELL_-row right of it. You may also use the _CASH OUT_ to loop-sell all your shares.
#The Goal#
#The Goal
Your goal is to turn the meager start-up sum of 100K to 1 million by selling and buying shares, the game continues until only one company is operating.
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