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added comments to StreamHandler

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......@@ -9,20 +9,43 @@ public class StreamHandler {
private ObjectInputStream ois;
private ObjectOutputStream oos;
* Packs the parameters ois and oos into a StreamHandler object.
* @param ois The ObjectInputStream to be placed in this object.
* @param oos The ObjectOutputStream to be placed in this object.
public StreamHandler(ObjectInputStream ois, ObjectOutputStream oos) {
this.ois = ois;
this.oos = oos;
} // StreamHandler(ObjectInputStream, ObjectOutputStream)
* Closes the streams handled by this object.
* @throws IOException If closing one of the streams fails.
void close() throws IOException {
} // close()
* Reads an int from the input stream contained in this object.
* @return The int read from the stream.
* @throws IOException If reading from the stream fails.
int readInt() throws IOException {
return this.ois.readInt();
} // readInt()
* Write an int to the output stream contained in this object.
* @param n The int to be written out.
* @throws IOException If writing to the stream fails.
void writeInt(int n) throws IOException {
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