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# DEVOPS demonstration
Build your own CI/CD pipeline to the Gitlab environment through following steps:
- Create new project to either UTU gitlab or ​​ if you don’t have an UTU account
- Use the project template as a basis for your project
- The CI/CD pipeline should fail at the testing phase; read the console logs for all the phases and see what goes wrong
- Create new branch to investigate the situation; verify that the pipeline still fails
- Fix the situation by modifying the Java source code file based on the unit testing report found from the CI/CD console log
- When the testing phase goes green, merge the branch to the main branch
- The resulting web page generated by the Java application should now be deployed to the Gitlab Pages; Access the web pages via Gitlab setting and give public access to the resulting web site
- Read through the .gitlab-ci.yml file and try to understand what each line does
- Prepare to demonstrate you CI/CD pipeline and explain how it works
Note: Each step can be done using the Gitlab online tools and editors
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