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Common bioinformatics methods, two files

#Common Bioinformatics methods
The files inside are from courses BIOI4463 Introduction to Genomics and BIOI4464 Bioinformatics Methods.
The files describe two different genes and the disorders that malfunctioning gene might cause.
1. SMN1 -work describes Spinal Muscular Atrophy and the SMN1 gene related to the disease
1. LPL -work describe the LPL gene and the disorders caused by malfunctioning gene.
In the works I use public genomic databases (e.g. ENSEMBL, NCBI, Uniprot, HGNC, OMIM, Genecards) to analyse the genes and the disorders.
Analysis include e.g finding gene variants and contexting them against structural motifs and also running BLAST searches and MSA's
for finding conservated sites and reviewing homology. Also phylogenetic analysis are done in the LPL work.
Any re-use without citing is prohibited.
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